Indian Patent Office Rejects Abraxane Patent Application For the Second Time
The Unitary Patent Package
Fast Tracking Examination
Supreme Court Addresses issues of Multiplicity of Proceedings in Patent Disputes
Anti-Patent Troll Bill
Importance of Disclosing Foreign Filing Information (Section 8)
Patent - An Introduction
Various Forms of Intellectual Property Rights
Indian BAYH DOLE ACT - Implications
Patent Opposition Systems in Indian and Other Countries
Is it The Right Time to Publish?
Indian Legal and Regulatory Environment - The Pharmaceutical Industry
How Efficacious? - An Article on Section 3(d)
"Patent Protection" - A Step Towards an Ecosystem For Startups
Software Patents
Types of Patent Applications
TRIPS Agreement
Traditional Knowledge
Patent Infringement and Litigation in India
Non-Conventional Trademarks
Green Technology - Current Scenario and Growth Trends
Hatch-Waxman Act and Paragraph IV Litigations
Patent Licensing

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