About Us

IPpro Inc. empowers startups to Fortune 500 companies through
customized patent services and strategic advisory in the field of intellectual property protection.

We provide a suite of patent services geared to assist clients in creating, managing, and monetizing their patent portfolios.

With a team of seasoned IP professionals, we strike a good balance between— engineering & law; creativity & strategy; fresh thinking & mature execution; pro-active initiatives & professional commitments.

Our licensed patent agents, attorneys, and consultants effectively manage the complex processes involved in patenting, thereby giving clients the freedom to focus on innovation.

IPpro was founded in 2005 by globally renowned technopreneur Sam Pitroda and internationally acclaimed lawyer Nishith Desai.

Bangalore | Silicon Valley | Mumbai | Singapore


IPpro provides complete Patent Services including IP creation, management,
and monetization to support continuous innovation.

Patent Drafting & Filing

  • Prior Art Search
  • Patent Drafting
  • Patent Filing

Patent Prosecution &
Litigation Support

  • Patent Prosecution
  • Litigation Support

Patent Analytics &
IP Strategy

  • Invalidation Search
  • FTO Analysis
  • Landscape Analysis
  • State of the art Search
  • IP Watch
  • IP Due Diligence

IP Awareness

  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Daily bulletin
  • Research Articles


IPpro’s licensed patent agents, attorneys, and consultant experts have specialized domain expertise
and have empowered several clients in the following industrial domains.


Information Technology


Mechanical and Manufacturing

Conventional & Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Chemical Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology & Life Sciences

Medical Devices

Employ Expert Patent Services & Advisory to create, manage, and monetize
your Intellectual Property.


IPpro comprises a dynamic talent pool— from inspirational industry leaders to seasoned IP professionals,
we are driven by research, have specialized domain expertise & years of practice
that fosters fresh thinking and agile execution.


Let us know how we can help you.